College of Health Sciences Zanzibar (CHS) was established by the House of Representatives Act No. 10 of 1998 as a semi autonomous organ. It has its own governing bodies which are Academic Board that deals with academic issues and Council that is the sole responsible for all matters.

However, the College is a mere continuation of Zanzibar Health Training School which was established in 1938. It was official inaugurated in 1989 aiming at providing quality health services for improving life of people of Zanzibar.


To provide training, consultancy and conducting research in different health discipline and related field for provision of quality health services.


To enhance the quality of training for health professionals in Zanzibar by providing scientific skills of caring, adequate knowledge and right attitudes towards the patients/clients in all settings.


The vision of College of Health Sciences Zanzibar to be a center of excellence for acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and skills through training, research, consultancy services in health sectors in Zanzibar and beyond.

The development of this website is in line with the College's aspiration to deliver better services to its clients. The needs to increase efficiency, advertise ourselves, make ourselves accessible to all who need our services and be at per with the global trend has motivated us to come up with this website not only for showing the World who we are but what we do.

We at the College of Health Sciences Zanzibar have been entrusted by the Nation to educate the health care providers who will serve the Nation faithfully and sincerely. With that in mind we have been faced with many challenges throughout this noble journey, but thanks to support from Ministry of Health and the developing partners ( Danida, AfDB, UNFPA, RHC, WHO, UNICEF and the Government of Oman). We have been able to see the light which in fact is surrounding us though the buildings and scenery, equipment and the very products which comes from this College.

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